A - M

  1. Agricultural Commission

    Gather information about the Agricultural Commission.

  2. Arts Council

    The arts council works to fund, promote and present high-quality, community-based arts programming for the benefit of artists, residents and visitors to the city of Northampton.

  3. Assessors, Board of

    The board of assessors is responsible for the full and fair market valuation of real and personal property as of January 1 each year for the purpose of levying taxes.

  4. Central Business Architecture Committee

    Find out more information about the Central Business Architecture Committee.

  5. Community Preservation Committee

    Access information and services about the Community Preservation Committee.

  6. Conservation Commission

    Stay up-to-date with the efforts and information from the Conservation Commission.

  7. Council on Aging

    Obtain information and documents from the Council of Aging Board.

  8. Disability Commission

    Peruse information and plans from the Disability Commission.

  9. Energy & Sustainability Commission

    Access information and plans from the Energy and Sustainability Commission.

  10. Health, Board of

    Access information about the volunteer Board of Health.

  11. Historical Commission

    Review information and agendas from the Historical Commission.

  12. Housing Partnership

    Gather information and services about the Housing Partnership.

  13. Human Rights Commission

    Discover information and efforts of the Human Rights Commission.

  14. License Commission

    Discover information about the License Commission.

  15. Municipal Affordable Housing Trust Fund

    Gather information about the Affordable Housing Trust.

  16. Mayor's Citizen Advisory Committees

    Discover information about the Mayor's Citizens Advisory Committees.