Northampton Neighborhood Associations & Groups

The Neighborhood and community groups listed below are all current to the best of our knowledge. All groups are community based and are not sponsored by the City of Northampton. We provide these contacts as a public service for residents.

Community Groups Address Contact Phone
Broad Brook Coalition   P.O. Box 60566 
Florence, MA 01062 
Email Not available

Florence Civic & Business Association 
P.O. Box 60201
Florence, MA 01062 
No specified contact 
Not available
Friends of the Sawmill Hills   No mailing address available
Ester Ralston
John Body
Ester: 413-586-2236
John: 413-586-4781
Leeds Civic Association   P.O. Box 419
Leeds, MA 01053 
No specified contact
Not available
North Street Neighborhood Association   P.O. Box 796
Northampton, MA 01061 
Adam Cohen, Webmaster  413-320-1847

Northampton Neighbors P.O. Box 231
Northampton, MA  01061
Round Hill Neighborhood Listserv No mailing address available 
David Starr
Not available
Valley Time Trade   Valley Time Trade
P.O. Box 523
Northampton, MA 01061 
Hollis Wheeler  413-585-0373 
Ward 1 Neighborhood Association  No mailing address available  No specified contact 
Not available
Ward 3 Neighborhood Association   P.O. Box 64
Northampton, MA 01061
Jennifer Normanly Not available 
Bay State Village Association  298 Riverside Drive
Bay State Village, MA 01062
Peter McLean, President 413-586-7961
Ward 6 Neighborhood Association   No mailing address available  Email
Not available