Open Space, Recreation, Rail Trails and Agriculture

Planning and Sustainability supports open space, recreation, agriculture, and multiuse trails and the involvement of the community in all of these areas:
  1. Support city boards and departments in writing and implementing the Open Space, Recreation, and Multiuse Plan (2011-2018).
  2. Preserve open space, conservation, recreation and agricultural land. (See what we have already) and related periodic presentations to City Council.
  3. Support the Agriculture Commission and the Keep Farming planning program to support farming and farmland preservation.
  4. Support the Conservation Commission in creating and managing conservation land.
  5. Support the Parks and Recreation Department and Commission in creating and managing park and recreation opportunities.
  6. Coordinate the development of new Rail and Multiuse Trails, with advice from the Bicycle and Pedestrian Subcommittee.
  7. License, with Conservation Commission approval, farmland in city conservation areas, managing the property based on local needs
Volunteer Release Form required for volunteers doing work on city open space and adopt-a-trail programs.
Land Use Regulations for all Open Spaces Owned and Managed by the Conservation Commission
Making Room for Native Plants and Wilidlife, a guide to Invasive Plants along the Mill River Greenway

The city is currently working on a limited development project to add 114 acres to the Brookwood Marsh Conservation Area and create the Burts Bog Greenway.  As part of this project we are going to be selling up to eight building lots on 2.5 acres, preserving the vast majority of the land.  The survey of the property and the lots for sale is available here.  Bid packages to purchase a lot are available from