FY2018 Water and Sewer Rates


Customer with 1" meter or smaller
Tier 1 consumption: 0 - 16 CCF $4.36 per CCF
Tier 2 consumption: >16 CCF $5.82 per CCF

Customers with meter larger than 1"
All consumption $5.72 per CCF


Non-metered $7.52 per CCF based on 80% of metered water consumption
Metered $7.52 per CCF

In addition to the new tiered volumetric rates, the DPW will implement the following fees:

Mayor Narkewicz submitted a revised order for the proposed FY2017 water and sewer rates. The City Council voted to approve the Mayor's revisions on April 7, 2016. Second reading on the overall proposal is scheduled for April 21, 2016. 


5/8" meter = $12.64 
3/4" meter = $18.96
1" meter = $31.59
1.5" meter = $63.17
2" meter = $101.07
3" meter = $189.51
4" meter = $315.85
6" meter = $631.69
8" meter = $1,010.69

NOTE: Customers who currently qualify for a low-income exemption on Real Estate or the Community Preservation Act (CPA) will receive an exemption on their water and sewer bill equivalent to the fixed charge. 

Water and Sewer Rate Study 

Last fall, the city retained the services of Woodcock and Associates, Inc. (W-A).and Raftelis Financial Consultants, Inc. (RFC) , industry leaders in financial and rate consulting for water and sewer utilities both in Massachusetts and nationally. Working with the Mayor, Finance Director, and DPW leadership and staff, the consulting team performed an in-depth analysis of the city's current rate structure with several key objectives: promoting conservation, providing assistance to economically disadvantaged customers, improving equity among customer types, and stabilizing revenue. 

You can read the Water and Sewer Rate Study by clicking the image below. 
Water Sewer Final Report cover page

On January 21, 2016, Chris Woodcock (W-A) and David Fox (RFC) made a presentation to the Northampton City Council of its preliminary findings. Both a video and copy of the consultant presentation by clicking the links below:

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 7.06.51 AM

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 7.40.12 AM

Revised Presentation April 2016:

Pages from Water Sewer Rate Presentation April 2016 cover
Media Articles on Water and Sewer Rates:


Comprehensive Asset Management Plans 

  • Water Asset Management Plan document
  • Watewaster Asset Management Plan document - presentation video 7/22/15, presentation video 9/16/15