Northampton Senior Center

Building Closings DEcember 20191

Welcome to the Northampton Senior Center! 

We are located at 67 Conz St., Northampton, MA 

Telephone: 413-587-1228

We offer extensive programming for Northampton seniors and seniors in the surrounding communities. Please take a look at our Programs and Program Calendar below to learn more about our monthly schedule.

The Conz Street Chronicle is available online! For more information regarding this publication, see the Conz Street Chronicle tab below, or contact us at 413-587-1228. 

For all other questions, concerns, and inquiries, please do not hesitate to give us a call or stop by!

The Holidays are approaching and with that in mind, there are dates that the Senior Center will be closed so the staff can enjoy the Holidays with their families as well. NOVEMBER 2019 Closings for Elections and Holidays and DECEMBER 2019 Closing for Holidays

Please note the Senior Center will be closed on Saturday, November 30 as well.

To view information such as minutes from Council on Aging meetings, videos from these meetings, Council Member information and more, click here:  Northampton Council on Aging

The Fitness Survey results are in! Read the Fitness Survey Results

You can now follow and like us on Facebook! Like our page here to receive regular updates about programs at the Senior Center and other local activities too! 

You can now order lunch at Mary's Bistro through our website! To make sure our chef is ordering enough delicious ingredients for each meal and to keep meal costs affordable for all, we ask that you order your meal at least 48 hours in advance. If you do make a reservation, but are unable to attend lunch, please call us at 413-587-1228 to cancel your reservation. 

Click the Bistro Menus choice below to view the menu and order your lunch or call 413-587-1228 to reserve your lunch.


The Senior Center has many opportunities to participate in. This area will have some of those opportunities.  You can always call for more information 413-587-1228. Hope to see you at the Senior Center.

Take a look at the slide show of all that's going on at the Senior Center. If you have any questions, please call the Senior Center for more information - 413-587-1228

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Click here to order your lunch at Mary's Bistro or call 413-587-1228

Hope to see you at the Senior Center and choose something from our December menu. The updated Cooking class schedule will be up shortly

December Lunch Menu1

Cooking classes are also given during the month.  Cookingclasses