2020 NGYL Information

The Northampton Girls Youth Lacrosse League (NGYL) competes in the Western Massachusetts Girls Lacrosse League (WMGLL), and is a new member of the Northampton Parks and Recreation Department (NPRD).

NGYL fields teams at three divisional age levels: Bantam (3rd/4th graders), Junior (5th/6th graders), and Senior (7th/8th graders). Any girl who lives within the City of Northampton, attends Northampton schools, or resides in a neighboring town that is not a member of WMGLL may be eligible to play. The NGYL season runs from the end of March to early June, weather and field conditions permitting.


Practices are at the JFK Middle School fields or Florence Field #5 (145 Meadow Street). Team coaches determine practice schedules and alternate practice sites. The first three weeks of practices will be after school, 2-3 days per week and/or weekend. During the season, practices will be 1-2 days per week depending on the number of games scheduled that week. It is parents’ responsibility to arrange transportation for their player to/from all practices. It is a policy of the NGYL that all players who attend practice are given an opportunity to play in games.


Home games are at the JFK Middle School fields or Florence Field #5 (145 Meadow Street). Away games are played throughout Western Massachusetts. Game schedules are decided by team coaches at the March WMGLL meeting. Ideally teams will have an equal number of home and away games, with 1-2 games per week. Games run approximately 1 hour long. Only coaches may be on the sidelines with teams during a game. During the season, teams may also participate in tournaments at the request of their coach. It is parents’ responsibility to arrange transportation for their player to/from all games and tournaments.


Once registration is open, players may register in person at the Northampton Parks and Recreation Department (NPRD) office or on the NPRD website. If there are enough registered players to field more than one team at any level, the NPRD will determine team rosters. 

NYGL prides itself on making the sport accessible for families. Those who cannot afford to pay the registration fee should contact the NRPD directly about available scholarships. 

Full refunds minus a processing fee will be given upon request prior to the first two team practices for the season. After the second practice, written request for refunds due to unusual circumstances may be submitted to the NRPD, and requests will be decided on a case-by-case basis.


All coaches will be CORI checked before the start of the season. Coaches play under the rules and regulations of the NPRD. A coach who fails to conform to the rules of play will be subject to disciplinary action. 

If you are interested in coaching a team, please contact the NPRD. You do not need to know lacrosse to coach. However, you do need to be able to work well with kids and have a desire to learn the game. Coaches are given pre-season on-line training and there are many resources NGYL can direct parents to for learning more about girls youth lacrosse.


All players participate according to the rules and regulations of the NPRD and WMGLL. Each player must show up to all team activities with a legal lacrosse stick, face mask and mouth guard. No participation is allowed without a mouth guard! Rubber cleats are optional.

More Information

To find out more about girls youth lacrosse and its rules and regulations, visit: