In March, the City Council established the Select Committee on Pesticide Reduction, a public body that will include City Councilors and members of the public.  For a copy of the resolution, click here.

Current Vacancies

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Select Committee on Pesticide Reduction 10


Applicants may send a brief letter of interest detailing their professional background and relevant experience/expertise to Laura Krutzler, Administrative Assistant to the City Council, at  Please include an address and phone number. The Council President will appoint two City Councilors and up to eight members of the public by April 18, 2019. [Please note the appointment deadline has been extended. Applications will be accepted until the positions are filled.]

SELECT COMMITTEES. Per Section 2.6.3 of the Northampton City Council rules, the City Council may establish select committees for the purpose of considering a particular policy or issue or for other purposes. Such committees may make recommendations and may sponsor ordinances, resolutions or other matters. Such committees may be created by resolution approved by a two-thirds vote of a quorum. The resolution shall specify the composition and scope of the select committee. No such committee shall exist beyond the current term of the Council.  The Council President shall appoint all members to such committees, and may appoint members of the public who are residents of the City of Northampton or city employees provided the Mayor approve the appointment of any city employee. Select Committees shall elect their own Chair and other officers from among those appointed.  At the first meeting, the person whose appointment was first announced by the Council President shall serve as temporary Chair until elections occur.