Farmers Market

The Northampton Farmers Market Subcommittee was adopted on November 10, 2009.

The purpose of the Farmer and Public Market Subcommittee is to:
  • Understand how existing markets in the city function and the relationship to other outlets for agricultural products including gathering membership/operating rules of existing markets and collecting information from customers, managers, vendors, city officials, local business owners, and other relevant constituencies.
  • Investigate the various models for operating markets, and research any state regulations governing markets.
  • Evaluate the success of existing markets in the city and determine how markets can be supported to promote the sustainability of markets, the viability of growers / producers, and the broader economic development goals identified in the Sustainable Northampton Plan. The pertinent Sustainable Northampton Plan goals and strategies include:
    • Ensure vibrant and distinctive downtown, commercial, and village centers.
    • Investigate the feasibility and pursue the development of a year-round public market for agricultural, arts, crafts, and locally made products.
    • Support business development and business practices that enhance the environmental and long-term sustainability of the community including but not limited to agriculture and other land based business.
    • Encourage and support locally owned and operated businesses and buy local campaigns.
  • Recommend a city policy for use of city property by farmers / public / open markets.
  • Create a set of recommendations to put before the Agricultural Commission and other appropriate city boards / departments and share the results of this committee with existing and future potential markets.

Application for a Farmers Market