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Picture Main Street-creating a safer place to live, work, and play

Survey (February, 2020):

Complete our survey here: what should we test as a Main Street pilot project

Community Workshop on Main Street: 5:30 PM Mon. Jan. 13, 2020-- City Council Chambers, 212 Main St., Northampton

No Turn on Red Sign- Main Street
Main Street Bench painted with artwork
Lower Main Street Sidewalk Cafe

Welcome to the future of Main Street! Planning & Sustainability, in coordination with the Mayor and the Department of Public Works, is working to redesign Main Street to better serve all residents and visitors of Northampton. We are at the beginning phase of the design project and will update this website with important notices throughout the project.

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Project Goals- The Main Street reconstruction project has five core goals:

>> Main Street will be safer. Main Street has one of the highest rates of crashes in the State. The new design of Main Street will focus first and foremost on improves safety outcomes for all people who travel along Main Street.

>> Main Street will be truly multimodal. The new design of Main Street will support people traveling by all modes, including people walking, biking, taking transit, and driving. The design will provide safe and comfortable spaces for walking and biking, interconnected and efficient transit systems, and intuitive travelways for people driving.

>> Main Street will be open for business. Our streetscape will preserve and enhance the elements that make our Downtown an attractive and vibrant place for businesses to thrive. The new design will live up to our legacy as a beautiful Main Street.

>> Main Street will contribute to a healthy environment. More street trees and better drainage systems will support improved ecological and environmental outcomes.

>> Main Street will be inclusive and accessible for all. Main Street will prioritize design that supports people with mobility, cognitive, or other disabilities. Regardless of ability, age, or background, Main Street will be designed to welcome you.

Project Schedule (tentative as of Fall 2019)

Late 2019

Early 2020

Late 2020

2021 - 2022

2023 - 2024


  • Data collection & analyses
  • Community Forum
  • Develop design concepts
  • Public outreach
  • Test design concepts & collect public feedback
  • Detailed design & Specifications
  • Project permitting
  • Finalize design
  • Project permitting
  • Construction

Project Documents related to the project will be available here throughout the project

The city and its consultant team are committed to a wide range of public engagement forums:

1. Community workshops (open to all)

2. Community surveys (open to all)

3. Engagement with the relevant city boards and commissions (Transportation, Planning, Tree, Bike/Ped, Disabilities, City Council)

4. Periodic engagement with Downtown Northampton Association (DNA) and the Greater Northampton Chamber of Commerce

5.Stakeholder engagement with groups that were under-represented in the last programmatic planning for Main Street  (e.g., City Council representatives, merchants and downtown business community, sampling of board members)

6. A pop-up installation (Fall 2020) to test ideas and gain community input during the month or two event.

Main Street Road Safety Audit (2020)

Precedents- success stories from other communities

Rainbow Crosswalk on Main Street
Memorial Hall with U.S. flag
PVTA bus on Main Street
Buskers on Main Street
Main Street Angled Parking
Seth Thomas Street Clock at Pulaski Park