Light up the Holidays

The 2020 Light up the Holidays Event has officially come to a close! Thank you for everyone that participated, whether by decoration or just visiting. 

Check back next December for the newest map and updates!.

Come join the Northampton Parks & Recreation department as we brighten up this winter in our Light up the Holidays event! Residents of  Northampton, Florence, and Leeds are invited to enter this FREE event. Decorate your porch, house, front yard and enter in this event.

Let's raise winter spirits and light up the town! Residents who sign up and participate in this event will be placed on a viewing map so families and individuals around the town can tour the different sights!

Map Details

  • The 2020 map has officially been closed, check back next December (2021) for the newest map!
  • Map Publication: 2021 TBA
  • Where to find the Map and other details
    • Link to Map (Google Maps)
    • Link to list of addresses (Google Sheets)
    • Overview Map (PDF)
    • List of Addresses (PDF)

Don't forget to check our Facebook and Instagram page for more information and updates!

***Please note that the addresses were listed in a suggested route starting in Leeds and ending in Northampton, feel free to participate in this map as you see fit. 

Don't forget to be respectful of traffic laws and peoples homes. The map will continue to be posted until January 4, 2021
(not all homes may keep their decorations up to that date).

Light up the holidays Map is up

How do I enter?

Thank you for your interest, but the time to enter has closed! Please enjoy the map of the decorated homes around Northampton, Florence, and Leeds.


  • Do not cover/interfere with any fire safety equipment or walkways
  • Keep everything PG-13
  • Homes must be located within Northampton, Florence, or Leeds
  • Viewing will only include the portion of your house/yard that is visible from the driveway or street

Does your home not fit this above description but you still want to participate? 

  • Email  and fill out the form! You will be responsible for taking an acceptable photo of your space and emailing it the Rec dept. Photos will be shared!
Light up the Holidays (front)
RULES Light up the Holidays Virtual Decorating
Light up the Holidays (back)