Clean Energy Roadmap

Development of a Clean Energy Roadmap

Over the fall and winter of 2013-14, over 100 people attended Community Energy Strategies Forums and shared ideas for the development of a comprehensive, community-wide Clean Energy Roadmap to help guide the community on our journey to a clean, secure and affordable energy future. With this input, city staff, state partners and a local 16-member Clean Energy Working Group took the ideas generated at these public events along with a clean energy resources analysis of Northampton developed by the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center and turned it into the Northampton Clean Energy Roadmap.

Clean Energy Roadmap Strategies

This process identified 12 clean energy strategies for the city to pursue. As of June, 2017, the city has taken action on many of these.

Strategy 1. Develop Community Solar Project

Strategy 2. Develop Solar Canopies on City-Owned Parking - canopies are being planned for three city lots.

Strategy 3. Develop Solar Project at Glendale Road Landfill - a 3.2 MW array has been built on the capped landfill and is expected to be operational by the summer of 2017.

Strategy 4. Expand Small Hydro Development

Strategy 5. Assess Regional Anaerobic Digestion Project Opportunities

Strategy 6. Implement Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) Financing

Strategy 7. Develop Community Energy Efficiency Mobilization Plan - The city is developing plans to run such an effort starting in the summer of 2017.

Strategy 8. Implement LED Street Lighting Retrofits - the city has upgraded all of the city-owned streetlights to LED fixtures.

Strategy 9. Implement Energy Reporting Program

Strategy 10. Increase Public Safety Through Improved Community Energy Resilience

Strategy 11. Implement Electric Vehicle Purchasing Policy - the city has purchased 3 electric vehicles and is considering more as vehicles need replacing.

Strategy 12. Develop Regional Bike Sharing System- Northampton is working with Hadley and Amherst on developing such a system.

Share Your Ideas

We are open to your suggestions and ideas, please feel free to submit your opinions to Chris Mason by email.

  • What visions, strategies, or potential actions can you suggest to help Northampton achieve a clean, secure and affordable energy future?
  • What actions toward clean energy have others in the community accomplished?
  • What additional resources are available for individuals and/or businesses to move toward cleaner energy?