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Parking Clerk - Parking Enforcement Administration
Nanci L. Forrestall, Parking Clerk
Parking Enforcement Administrator

The Office of the Parking Clerk is responsible for parking related matters within the City of Northampton in the following areas:

  • The collection and adjudication of fines and fees resulting from the issuance of parking tickets
  • Maintaining the Parking Ticket Payment and Parking Permit Systems    
  • Parking Ticket Appeal Process and Administrative Hearings  
  • The clearing of "marked" registrations and licenses through the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles upon payment of outstanding fines        
  • Parking Enforcement Officers    
  • The filing of Abandoned Vehicle Reports in accordance with MGL Chapter 90, Section 22A and Abandoned Vehicle Hearings      
  • Parking Permits; Residential, Long-Term Lots and E.J. Gare Parking Garage
  • Meter Bag Rental Program

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 Northampton Parking Map


The Office of the Parking Clerk accepts both fine payments and appeal requests online at: are available on-line 24 hours after issuance.   You will need the parking violation information (ticket number and vehicle registration) to complete the process.  Appeal requests must be received in writing either on-line or by mail within 21 days of issuance.   The Hearing Officer will review the appeal and send you a written response advising whether the fine will be waived or stand.    



By Telephone:   1-800-956-1264

By Mail or In Person:   Office of the Parking Clerk
212 Main Street
                                         Northampton, MA 01060

In person payment for tickets in Non-Renewal Status must be in cash, credit/debit card or money order only.  Office hours are Monday – Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm (except holidays)

Please Note - When paying a non-renewal parking violation you must contact the Office of the Parking Clerk at 413-587-1025 to have the violation released at the Registry of Motor Vehicles.

There are three types of permits for municipal parking within the City of Northampton:

Long Term - Allows parking in long term lots and at long term parking meters.  Long term meters are identified with a red top. The cost for this permit is $45 per month.

Lease Holder - Allows parking in the E.J. Gare Parking Garage at a cost of $90 per month.  There is currently a waiting list for this type of permit. 

Neighborhood - Currently restricted to residents of Kensington Avenue






Parking Division Administration

Maintenance of the city's parking meters, parking lots, parking garage, on-street parking facilities, and additional responsibilities are handled by the Central Services Department.