The Department of Public Works (DPW) maintains and improves more than 150 miles of paved streets and unpaved (gravel) public ways, 85 miles of sidewalks, 80 acres of recreational fields, 11 miles of bicycle paths, 37 bridges, 4 cemeteries, Musante Beach, and more than 150 vehicles and pieces of specialized construction equipment.  The DPW also provides rapid response for snow and ice events and other inclement weather conditions.  Other areas of ongoing maintenance include road safety signage, traffic signals and all pavement and pedestrian crosswalk markings.

The DPW manages operations and maintains and upgrades assets in the Water, Sewer, Stormwater/Flood Control and Solid Waste Divisions.  This includes maintenance, oversight and long term capital planning for facilities in excess of: 120 miles of stormwater drain pipes, 5000 catch basins and intakes, 5000 sewer and drain manhole structures, 400 outfalls, 200 culverts, 6 miles of drainage channels and ditches, 160 miles of water mains, 4600 water valves, 1400 hydrants, 110 miles of sanitary sewers, 11000 shade trees, and 3800 acres of watershed land surrounding the City’s drinking water reservoirs.  In addition, the DPW operates and maintains a flood control pump station, two levee systems, a water treatment plant, six dams and surface water reservoirs, a wastewater treatment plant, two transfer stations and a capped landfill.  DPW also oversees third party operations of a landfill gas to energy facility and 3.12 megawatt photovoltaic solar array.


Left to right: Richard Parasiliti (Highway Superintendent), Cyndi Roberge (Administration Manager), Donna LaScaleia (Director), David Veleta (City Engineer), Andrew Dunn (Water Superintendent), Jim Zimmerman (Wastewater Superintendent), Holly Smith-Bové (Financial Administrator)