2019 northampton municipal election INFORMATION

On May 3, 2018 the City Council authorized the discontinuance of the Optic Eagle II Optical Scanner and Tabulator and further authorized the use of the ImageCast Precinct Optical Scanner and Tabulator beginning with the September 4, 2018 State Primary Election.

For Northampton Voters this will require a new way to mark the ballot.  Instructions on how to mark the ballot will be posted at every voting location.

 2019 Municipal Election Calendar

At its February 19, 2019, the Board of Registrars reviewed and approved the following 2019 Election Calendar.  The dates, as noted, comply with MGL Chapter 54 and Northampton City Charter Article 8.

 April 2 -                     Nomination Papers Available

July 19-5:00 pm         Last day/time to submit nomination papers to Board of Registrars

August 2-5:00 pm      Last day/time to submit papers to the City Clerk in order for candidate's name to appear on the ballot.

August 8 - 5:00 pm    Drawing of names for position on preliminary ballot, if necessary

August 28-8:00 pm    Last day to register to vote in the 2019 Preliminary Election

Sept. 9                      Campaign Finance Report Due (8-Day Prior to Preliminary, only if preliminary election takes place)

Sept. 17                    Preliminary Election, if necessary

Sept. 20                    Certified Preliminary Election Results available from City Clerk

Sept. 23 5:00 pm      Last day to petition for Recount of Preliminary Election results

Sept. 24 5:00 pm      Drawing of names for position on municipal election ballot

October 16-8:00 pm  Last day to register to vote in the 2019 Municipal Election

October 28               Campaign Finance Report Due (8-Day prior to Election)

November 5              Municipal Election

Nov. 20                     Certified Municipal Election Results available from City Clerk 

December 4              Campaign Finance Report Due (30 Day After Election)

January 21, 2020      Campaign Finance Report Due (Year End)

2019 Municipal Candidates

Position Sought
Penny Geis City Councilor Ward 7 pgeis@comcast.net
Karen Foster City Councilor Ward 2 foster.karen.lynn@gmail.com
Thomas M. Fitzgerald Superintendent of Smith Vocational School At-Large tmattfitz@aol.com
John Thorpe City Councilor  Ward 4 jhntimothy41@yahoo.com
Marissa Elkins  City Councilor Ward 2 melkins@elkinslawllc.com
K. Christopher Hellman Community Preservation Committee At-Large mrchrishellman@hotmail.com
Kathleen Wight Forbes Library Trustee At-Large katywight@gmail.com
Gina-Louise Sciarra City Councilor At-Large glsciarra@gmail.com
Howard T. Moore School Committee Ward 3 howardmoore@comcast.net
Marianne LaBarge City Councilor Ward 6 mlabargeward6@aol.com
William H. Dwight City Councilor At Large bdwight@comcast.com
Rachel Maiore City Councilor  Ward 7 rmaiore@gmail.com
Michael T. Cahillane Smith Vocational Superintendent At Large m_cahillane@comcast.net
James Nash City Councilor Ward 3 jimnashcitycouncil@gmail.com
John E. Cotton Smith Vocational Superintendent At Large jcotton01062@gmail.com
Lonnie Kaufman School Committee Ward 6 kaufmanlonnie@gmail.com
Pamela L. Powers City Clerk At Large pamelalpowers@comcast.net
David A. Murphy City Councilor Ward 5 david.murphy8@comcast.net
David A. Murphy Elector Under the Oliver Smith Will At Large david.murphy8@comcast.net
Alexander E. Jarrett City Councilor Ward 5 alex@alexjarrett.com
Hanuman E. Goleman City Councilor Ward 7 hanuman.goleman@gmail.com
Emily Serafy-Cox School Committee Ward 3 emilyserafycox@gmail.com
Laura Fallon School Committee Ward 2 laura_ann_fallon@hotmail.com
Susan Voss School Committee At Large voss.susan.e@gmail.com
Roni Gold School Committee At Large ronigold1@gmail.com
Dina Levi School Committee Ward 5 dinarlevi@gmail.com
Andrew B. Smith City Councilor Ward 1 andrewbryansmith@gmail.com
Joseph A. Twarog Forbes Library Trustee At-Large josephatwarog@gmail.com
Michael J. Quinlan, Jr. City Councilor Ward 1 michaelquinlannorthampton@gmail.com
R. Downey Meyer School Committee Ward 7 downeymeyer@gmail.com
Kaia Goleman School Committee Ward 7 kaiagoleman@gmail.com
Emily Prabhaker Forbes Library Trustee At-Large emily.prabhaker@gmail.com
Molly B. Burnham School Committee Ward 5 mollyb.burnham@gmail.com
Sean Condon School Committee Ward 4 smcondon11@gmail.com
Katherine R. Cardoso School Committee Ward 5 katecardoso@comcast.net
Leslie Skantz-Hodgson Forbes Library Trustee At-Large lcskantz@gmail.com
Maxine G. Schmidt Forbes Library Trustee At-Large schmidt.maxine@gmail.com

The 2019 Municipal Election will take place on November 5, 2019


Absentee voting will be available for this election.

 More Absentee Voting Information

Please note that the last day to register to vote for this election is October 16, 2019. The City Clerk’s office will be open until 8pm.

If a preliminary election is necessary, the Preliminary Election will take place on September 17, 2019.  In order to vote in the Preliminary Election, you must be registered to vote in Northampton by August 28, 2019.

Are you a Service member or family member or Northampton Registered Voter living overseas?  Click HERE for information on Voting.   You will be redirected to the Federal Voting Assistance Program website.


Applications are available by in the City Clerk’s Office or you may download an application from the City Clerk website @ HERE.

There are open positions for Wardens, Clerks and Inspectors. Training is provided. 

Other Information:  You must be a registered voter in Massachusetts in order to be a poll worker.  Poll worker assignments are at the discretion of the precinct warden.  Election workers cannot vote absentee solely due to the fact that they are working in Northampton on Election Day.  Part-time workers may vote while they are off duty; full time workers should arrange to vote during lunch break or during a slow time of day as approved by the Warden.


The Massachusetts Secretary of State's Office offers this Find My Election Location site to enter your information and find your polling location. To contact the Northampton Registrar of Voters please call 413-587-1290 or 413-587-1291.

  • Ward 1 precincts A and B: Jackson Street School Gymnasium, 120 Jackson Street
  • Ward 2 precincts A and B: Smith Vocational and Agricultural High School, 80 Locust Street
  • Ward 3 precincts A and B: Northampton Senior Center, 67 Conz Street
  • Ward 4 precincts A and B: Northampton Senior Center, 67 Conz Street
  • Ward 5 precinct A: Florence Civic and Business Building, 90 Park Street
  • Ward 5 precinct B: Smith Vocational and Agricultural High School, 80 Locust Street
  • Ward 6 precincts A and B: Robert K. Finn Ryan Road School, 498 Ryan Road, Florence
  • Ward 7 precinct A: John F. Kennedy Middle School Community Room, 100 Bridge Road, Florence
  • Ward 7 precinct B: Leeds School gymnasium, 20 Florence Street, Leeds

The polls will be open on Election Day from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.