Shopping Local Benefits All

The Benefits of Shopping Locally 

Shopping locally generates many important benefits for small business owners, their employees and Northampton residents. According to the Business Alliance for Local Living Economies:

  • $10 million in local spending supports 57 jobs while $10 million spent at a national chain store supports 14 jobs.
  • $100 spent locally will retain $67 in new spending while $100 spent at a national chain retains only $32
  • 90% of net new job creation nationally is attributable to independent businesses.   

Local Shopping Rewards Program


Valley Placemaker Western Massachusetts is a shopping rewards program offering free memberships for shoppers to participate in this rewards program designed to increase local commerce while supporting local businesses and their employees. Participating shoppers earn rewards for just visiting or purchasing products and services at Valley Placemaker shops.  Shoppers earn "merits" for their visits or purchases which accumulate and can be redeemed at participating Valley Placemaker stores and businesses.  There are over 23 Northampton shops, restaurants and businesses which participate in the Valley Placemaker program.  Membership is free by joining at Valley Placemaker Sign Up   

Local Business Directories

The Greater Northampton Chamber of Commerce posts a list of member businesses which can be referenced by name or service. This  listing can be accessed here.

The Hampshire County Regional Tourism Council  posts lists of local shops and businesses in Hampshire County.  These listings can be accessed here

The web site for CISA, Community Involved in Sustaining Agriculture  posts a "Find It Locally  page which offers lists of regional farms, farmers markets, restaurants and cafes which which all sell locally made produce. This page can be accessed here. 

Supporting Local Farms  
Community Involved in Sustaining Agriculture (CISA) is a non-profit organization working to sustain agriculture in western Massachusetts. CISA's "Be a Local Hero, Buy Locally Grown" program was initiated in 1999 and has  become the nation's longest running buy local campaign.  Additional goals include working to strengthen the relationships between farmers and consumers and building a secure local food and farming system.