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Agenda Center

  1. All
  2. Agriculture Commission
  3. Arts Council
  4. Bicycle and Pedestrian Subcommittee
  5. Board of Almoners
  6. Board of Assessors
  7. Board of Health
  8. Board of Registrars (Formerly Northampton Registrar of Voters)
  9. Bridge Street Cemetery Preservation Committee
  10. Bridge Street School Council
  11. Cable Advisory Board
  12. Capital Improvement Program Committee
  13. Casino Mitigation Committee
  14. CCE Plus Taskforce
  15. Central Business Architecture
  16. Channel Markers Commission
  17. Charter Review Committee
  18. City Council
  19. City Council Committee on City Services
  20. City Council Committee on Community Resources
  21. City Council Committee on Economic & Community Development, Housing and Land Use-2014-2015
  22. City Council Committee on Finance
  23. City Council Committee on Legislative Matters
  24. City Council Committee on Public Safety
  25. City Council Committee on Public Works and Utitlities
  26. City Council Committee on Rules, Orders, Appointments, and Ordinances
  27. City Council Committee on Social Services, Veterans, Culture, and Recreation 2014-2015
  28. City Council/School Committee Conference Committee
  29. Committee on Rules, Ordinances, and Orders
  30. Committee on Social Services and Veterans Affairs
  31. Commonwealth of Massachusetts
  32. Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Public Hearings
  33. Community Preservation Committee
  34. Conference Committee BPW/City Council
  35. Conservation Commission
  36. Coolidge Standing Committee
  37. Council on Aging Board
  38. Disability Commission
  39. Economic Development Advisory Committee
  40. Elected Officials Compensation Advisory Board
  41. Elementary Joint School Council Meeting
  42. Energy & Sustainability Commission
  43. Florence Community Center Re-Use Committee
  44. Forbes Library
  45. Fountain Subcommittee
  46. Franklin Hampshire Regional Workforce Board
  47. General Public Meetings
  48. Hampshire Regional Emergency Planning Committee
  49. Historical Commission
  50. Housing Partnership
  51. Human Rights Commission
  1. Jackson Street School Council
  2. Joint City Council and School Committee meetings
  3. Leeds Elementary School Council
  4. License Commission
  5. Mayor's Youth Commission
  6. Next Step Collaborative
  7. Northampton Community Partnerships for Children/Coordinated Family and Community Engagement Council
  8. Northampton Housing Authority
  9. Northampton Prevention Coalition
  10. Northampton Public Schools Health Services Department
  11. Northampton Redevelopment Authority
  12. Northampton Retirement Board
  13. Northampton School Committee
  14. Northampton School Committee Budget & Property Subcommittee
  15. Northampton School Committee Curriculum Subcommittee
  16. Northampton School Committee Negotiating Subcommittee
  17. Northampton School Committee Rules & Policy Subcommittee
  18. Northampton School Committee Superintendent Evaluation Team
  19. Parking Committee
  20. Parks & Recreation Commission (Formerly Recreation Commission)
  21. Passenger Rail Advisory Committee
  22. Planning and Sustainability ad hoc public meetings and forums
  23. Planning Board
  24. Public Shade Tree Commission
  25. Public Transportation Committee
  26. Public Transportation Subcommittee
  27. Public Works Commission (Formerly Board of Public Works)
  28. Public Works Committee of the City Council
  29. Reuse Committee
  30. Roundhouse Development
  31. Smith Vocational and Agricultural Board of Trustees
  32. Smith Vocational and Agricultural Budget Sub-Committee
  33. Smith Vocational and Agricultural High School - School Council
  34. Smith Vocational and Agricultural High School Policy Subcommittee
  35. Smith Vocational And Agricultural High School Superintendent Selection Committee
  36. Special Act Charter Drafting Committee
  37. Special Committee For Review of Ordinances - 2015 Review
  38. State Hospital Citizen Advisory Committee
  39. Stormwater Task Force
  40. Transportation & Parking Commission
  41. Trust Fund Committee
  42. Trustees of Lilly Library
  43. Various Regional Boards & Committees
  44. Website & Technology Advisory Committee
  45. Working Category for City Council
  46. Youth Commission
  47. Zoning Board of Appeals
  48. ZZZ City Council 2014
  49. ZZZ Committee of Cultural & Recreational Services
  50. ZZZ Committee on Appointments & Evaluations
  51. ZZZ Committee on Economic Development, Housing & Land Use