Prep for Production

Clean House

Update the content on your live website. This step is critical to guaranteeing the information available is relevant, fresh, and on-point. Making updates to your current website will help ensure links are working properly on your new site. This includes everything a user might have access to if they were to physically visit an office, like contact information, forms, and documents.

Please take the following steps by your established content due date to ensure your new website will be current:

  • Delete any current pages from your live website that you no longer want / need.
  • Update outdated content on your live website.
  • You may provide CivicPlus with a list of pages you do not want pulled over to your new website by your established content due date.

Addressing Out-of-Date Content

After your content due date, CivicPlus will address any content that is still outdated on your current website in the following manner:

  • Content that is more than 12 months out of date will be brought over - but not published or formatted.
  • We will note in the content summary report any outdated information that you will need to update, format, and publish.

What to Provide to Your Senior Content Developer

Please provide CivicPlus with the following information:

  • PDF template - Provide a Microsoft Word document template that features your branding / logo. This will be used when converting content into a PDF.
  • List of legally required content - Provide a list of any content on the current website that must remain as is (verbatim) due to legal requirements.
  • Resource Directory template - Populate the Resource Directory template with contact information for area businesses, hotels, restaurants, utility providers, etc. Please do not deviate from the template's format. This allows you to import the information directly into our Resource Directory module. You will be able to update and add entries to the same template and import these entries to the Resource Directory module after the content consulting process is complete and you are given access to the website.

What to Expect During Content Development

CivicPlus' goal is to develop highly usable and functional content by making your website accessible and a valued resource in your community.

Information Architecture

Based on your results and goals outlined during consulting, your project team will collaborate to create the most effective user interface for your website. Content will be organized in a way that creates a service-focused website. CivicPlus analyzes cutting-edge industry standards and best practices and tailors your content and information architecture to the needs of your citizens and staff.

Content Process & Module Work

  • CivicPlus will evaluate content from your current website, bring it over to your new website, and then edit / reformat it based on our best practices.
  • CivicPlus will add items to modules based on our module best practices to ensure information is in a consistent format and location no matter where a user is on your website. For details on exactly what is brought over to your new site, view Module Work We Do.
    • As part of our process, module content that is time-sensitive or easily created after training is left for you to complete. For a complete listing of the modules you will work with, please view Module Work You Do.
  • CivicPlus will provide you with a final content report that summarizes the following:
    • New site navigation
    • Total number of pages on the new website
    • URLs from the live website that were utilized on each page
    • What modules were utilized for each page
    • Notes for any major changes or deviations from your current website not covered in our best practices
      • Content that was consolidated
      • Content that was out of date
    • List of items you will need to address after your customized website training (i.e., missing information or documents)