small lots | BIG IDEAS Design Competition

Just Big Enough Design Competition (2018), we held a small lots | BIG IDEAS design competition (2013) for One Garfield Avenue, Florence, to demonstrates how good design can enhance small lots. (Thank you to the Western Massachusetts American Institute of Architects for cosponsoring the competition with the city.) Since the design competition, Habitat for Humanity acquired the lot and built a small house designed by Dorrie Brooks (one of the People's Choice winners from the original design competition).

The City has sold the lot, and the buyer has agreed to hire one of the architects who entered the competition to build his house.

First Prize: Luminous House, Pari Riahi Architects (PDF)
Second Prize: The Loft, Paul Lukez (PDF)
People's Choice: You|Me|US, Dorrie Brooks, Julie Meyer and Kristian Whitsett (PDF)
Honorable Mention: Solar in the City, Tempietto Homes and Robert Karn (PDF)

Shout outs: Archway House, Brian Schumacher, Kathleen Lugosch and Patricia O'Flaherty (PDF)
Narrow House (for interiors), NOVA Design (PDF)
Full House (for context), Janos Keseru Architect (PDF)

All the other great designs:

ACME and Greenfield (PDF)
Burgess (PDF)
Carey (PDF)
Crooked Works and SITELAB (PDF)
Thomas Douglas (PDF)
HAI (three entries) (PDF)
Harriman (PDF)
Metcalf (two entries) (PDF)
Middlebrook (PDF)
Miller Pollin (PDF)
Richard Bosch (two entries) (PDF)
Schrieber et al. (PDF)

Market demands, new options from the city's 2013 small lot/small unit zoning, and interest following the city's small lots | BIG IDEAS design competition are all creating an increase in small lots and small dwelling units being created in Northampton. For example, see 7 Adare Place (PDF) and 108 Grove Street (PDF).