Smoke and CO Detector Inspections

We will resume Smoke and Carbon Monoxide (26F and 26F 1/2) Inspections on Monday June 22nd.

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide detectors are required for all dwellings and must be inspected by the fire department prior to the sale of any property. The inspection verifies that both types of detectors are functioning and have been installed in accordance with Massachusetts General Law Chapter 148.

Below you will find information regarding the different types of detectors and their proper placement of detectors.

To schedule a smoke or co detector inspection please fill out the request form below or call 413-587-1081.

Smoke and CO Detector inspections are ONLY performed on:

Tuesday and Thursday from 1:30pm - 3:30pm
Friday from 9:30am - 11:30am

The fee for inspections is contingent on the type of residential structure:

i. Single Family: $50
ii. Two Family: $100
iii. Three – Six Family: $150
iv. Seven or more Family: $500

A re-inspection fee of $20 will be assessed on all properties that require a re-inspection.

Payment is made on day of inspection. (Check payments are preferred and should be made payable to: City of Northampton.)

Appointments should be scheduled at least 3 weeks prior to the closing date.

Please understand that inspections are performed by the on-duty engine. Emergency calls may delay a crews arrival at your inspection. Every effort will be made to contact the individual who scheduled the inspection, but sometimes that is not possible.

*For 3+ family buildings, please call 587-1081 to schedule your appointment*

To schedule your inspection please follow these instructions:

  • Use the link below to schedule your inspection if a single or two family home
  • You will be required to create a username/password
  • You must choose whether your inspection is in the Florence/Leeds or Northampton/Downtown section of town
    • There will be an option to do so once you select the "Smoke and CO Detector Inspection" below
  • You must include the full address, including unit number if applicable, of your inspection
  • Online scheduling for inspections can only be done up to 48 hours prior to the inspection time
  • Already scheduled inspections can be cancelled or re-scheduled up to 48 hours prior to the inspection time by logging in with your username and password. If you must cancel or rescheudle within 48 hours you must call 587-1081.
  • *If you do not see the scheduling program below, please ensure your browser is updated to the most current version.  The program performs best on Internet Explorer and Google Chrome and works best on a desktop computer*