Rediscovering Northampton

Over 20% of the land area in Northampton is permanently protected open space, serving Northampton residents, protecting our wildlife and flora, mitigating climate change, improving the quality of our lives, and adding value to the city.

In 2005 and again in 2015, we asked Laurie Sanders, a noted local naturalist, to look at these crown jewels and tell us the story of what is protected and how that areas have evolved over the past two decades. (Come back in 2035 for the next installment.)

Rediscovering Northampton: 2015 (PDF) Ecological assessment of our open space with a focus on invasive plants. (This is a huge file, so it will take a while to open.)

Rediscovering Northampton: 2005 (PDF) The original ecological assessment that has helped inform policy for the past two decades.

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