Teen Expeditions Director

Rebecca Learnard

We are excited to welcome Rebecca back! This is Rebecca’s 2nd summer as Director for the Northampton Parks & Recreation Department’s Teen Expeditions Summer Camp. 

Prior to being Director for the Teen Expeditions Summer Camp, Rebecca spent two summers as a teen
counselor at Camp Howe. 
Rebecca has spent this past school year on the West Coast teaching science at an outdoor education camp in
the Redwood forest area of California! She would spend her days hiking through the forest and leading lessons
on trail with fifth and sixth graders from the local area.
Rebecca has also spent four seasons at Nature’s Classroom. That time was spent teaching special interest
classes, as well as leading hikes and activities that introduced the wild to the wide range of students that
attended the program.
Rebecca is a graduate of Utica College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Studies. In her spare
time she loves exploring the outdoors (especially the ocean), practicing the guitar, taking pictures, finding
unique items at Good Will, and of course relaxing with a good book or movie.

Questions for the Director:

What is your favorite thing about being the Teen Expedition's Director?
I have so many favorite things about being the Teen Expedition Director! I truly enjoyed seeing familiar faces
each week for the summer and being able to get to know the teen campers as they arrived each week. Being
able to see the campers change over the summer and make new friends, especially with other teens they may
not be around during the school year. And of course I loved all the awesome trips TEX goes on throughout the
What do you enjoy most about working with teenagers?
The most enjoyable part of working with teenagers is the energy they bring and the excitement. One of the
best parts for me is their honesty and being able to see all the amazing things they can accomplish, especially
when you provide them with encouragement!
What is your favorite thing about camp?
My favorite thing about camp is watching staff and campers alike enter not knowing each other, but at the end
leaving with new friendships. Camp has the ability to connect you to people you may of never had a chance to
know. It also provides this sense of confidence in your abilities and yourself that is a product of this unique

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