Connecticut River Greenway Riverfront Park

The Park is located at 68 Damon Road, Northampton, Massachusetts 01060.

Drive past the River Run apartments, to the end of the road, into and to the left of the Lane Construction area.

This park area is separate from the State CT River Greenway Park that is closer to the Coolidge Bridge where the bike path goes across the river. That park is located at 136 Damon Rd., Northampton.

The park is open daylight hours for human powered boating, come visit the nature trail and enjoy the peaceful river area.

The new Connecticut River Greenway Park was established by the City of Northampton after acquiring 11 acres from Lane Construction behind River Run Apartments. The Park was rehabilitated and redeveloped with the assistance of a State PARCs grant, matching funds from the Community Preservation Commission and donations from friends of Northampton Community Rowing.

While still a hidden jewel the Park's long term value to City residents is indisputable. In addition to offering a location for canoe, kayak and rowing instruction and regattas, the Park also offers an excellent vantage point for viewing birds and wildlife, and for exploring the City's industrial history. The site includes the remains of the Northampton-New Haven canal's original river harbor.

Designed by Berkshire Design Group, the redeveloped park includes a large parking area, boat apron and an extensive, accessible boat ramp and gangway. Intended to serve human-powered craft only, the Park has been actively used by Northampton Community Rowing (NCR) for recreational and competitive youth and adult rowing programs for the past year.

NCR has established a regularly staffed rowing facility at the Park and makes kayak dollies, kayak storage and dock facilities available to the general public. NCR has also hosted fundraisers for local non-profits and is making it possible through partnerships for residents to take courses in kayaking (All Out Adventures) and team canoeing(Paradise City Dragonboats).

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The Nature Trail

Come visit the nature trail from the Connecticut River Greenway parking lot, past a vernal pool, to the water's edge. It provides beautify frontage along the Connecticut River and a diversity of flora, fauna, and ecology. The site is home to beautify songbirds, Northern Cardinal, Goldfinch, American Robin, Crows, Morning Dove, and Woodpeckers. Butterfly bushes invite butterflies Common Sootywing and Clouded Sulfur to land. A clearing provides a great view of the river and the Honeypot. Mushrooms, moss and lichen add to the diversity of flora. The Massachusetts Natural Heritage Atlas identifies the area as Priority Habitat of Rare Species and Estimated Habitat of rare wildlife. The prime soil, Sudbury fine sandy loam, supports eastern white pine, red maple, pitch pine, wild cherry, white oak, scarlet oak, and red cedar.

The Connecticut River Greenway is an multi-use initiative to create:
1. A riverfront park for human powered boats.
2. Preservation of open space and agriculture along the river and its floodplains
3. An eventual multiuse trail connecting from the state MassCentral Rail Trail to Hatfield