Train Transportation

here are several rail travel services currently available as of March, 2018 with new services starting in May, 2018. Please note the definitional narrative below and an informative table with web sites links that can offer more details.

Rail Service from Northampton to New York City, Washington and Vermont
Northampton is served by the Amtrak Vermonter which operates two trains per day ( one in each north-south direction). View detailed information on the Vermonter's routes and schedule.

Details on the Northampton Platform
Northampton platform is located in downtown at 170 Pleasant Street adjacent to the Union Station restaurant which the former Northampton train station. There is no ticket desk at the platform but tickets can be purchased on line at The Amtrak website. Parking information is listed below.

Tips on Purchasing Amtrak Tickets
Purchasing tickets in advance can be much more inexpensive than up to or at the time of departure. So if one can plan ahead, book early. Ordered tickets may be cancelled with refunds or converted into vouchers for future trips. Amtrak offers discounts for memberships in AAA or other organizations.

Rail Service from Springfield to Hartford, New Haven and New York City 
There is passenger rail service from Springfield south to Hartford, New Haven, New York City and the Northeast Corridor with local stops between Windsor Locks to New Haven. . Amtrak and the State of Connecticut's Hartford Line currently operate 24 trains per day ( 12 in each direction).  Please be careful and aware of the different ticket purchase options for each rail  line. This information can be found on the Amtrak and Hartford Line web sites.

Rail and Bus Service to Worcester and Boston
At present, there is no frequent direct rail service to Worcester and Boston * but there is bus service from Northampton and Springfield to Worcester/ Boston and direct rail service from Worcester to Boston. Admittedly, this is not a "one seat" ride but it is worth noting these rail and bus connections if a long drive to Boston is not desirable. There are regional calls for direct "East-West" rail service between Springfield to Boston but it will be years before service is established. Another potential for "East-West" service is that there are advocates suggesting that modest rail shuttle service be established between Springfield and Worcester so riders could connect to trains to Boston.
* Note:  The Lake Shore Limited does serve Springfield to Boston but only twice a day. See below.

Rail Service from Springfield to Boston, Pittsfield, Albany and Chicago
Although it is minimal service, the Amtrak Lake Shore Limited crosses the State of Massachusetts twice a day (once eastward and once westward) through Albany across New York State to Chicago.

Potential "North-South" Rail Service
The 2017 Draft Massachusetts State Rail Plan lists potential "North-South" service from Greenfield to Northampton, Holyoke and Springfield as a "Tier 1 Priority for Implementation" project. In March, 2018 Governor Baker expressed optimism that North - South service would happen in a meeting with the Editorial Board of the Springfield Republican. This service, if formally approved could begin sometime late 2018 to early 2019.

Informational Web Site
Readers wishing to stay well informed of future changes in existing rail service and the start of new rail services can link to Trains in the Valley This site serves not only as an objective source of rail information but is a civic non-partisan advocate for expanded rail passenger service in the Western Massachusetts region.

Rail Service To and From Northampton or Springfield:


Cities and Destinations

Web Site

South Amtrak Vermonter Service:
Northampton, Holyoke, Springfield, Hartford, New Haven, NY Penn Station
SouthAmtrak Regional Shuttle Service:
Springfield, Hartford, New Haven, New York City, East Coast
Northeast Corridor
Hartford Line Service to Start in May, 2018
Springfield Shuttle

Hartford Line
EastMBTA (Rail service starts at Worcester)
Peter Pan and/or Greyhound Bus Lines:
Springfield to Worcester on to Boston
Peter Pan
East-West Across MassachusettsAmtrak Lake Shore Limited:
Boston - Worcester - Springfield - PIttsfield Albany - Chicago
Lake Shore Limited
NorthAmtrak Vermonter Service:
Greenfield, Brattleboro, White River Junction, Montpelier,
Burlington, St. Albans

Parking Information 
This table provides details on parking for the Northampton platform, Springfield Union Station, Windsor Locks platform and Hartford Station. Although Hartford and Windsor Locks are distant from Northampton, it is worth noting because parking at Windsor Locks is free and located right off Exit 41 on I-91. Parking at Hartford has value because starting in May, 2018 there will be 17 trains per day north and south to New Haven with rail connections to NYC and east coast cities.
Parking Costs
Parking costs below vary from free at Windsor Locks to upwards of $15 per day or more in Hartford and $2.00 per hour in Springfield. Note: These rates are based on a parking fee survey conducted March, 2018.

 Location Comments and Parking Rates Web Site
NorthamptonOvernight parking at nearby Gare Garage on Armory Street
.75 per hour/ $12 perday
Amtrak NHT Station
Northampton Parking
SpringfieldNew parking garage located at the station.
$1.50 first 1/2 hour - $2 per hour there after/ $20 per day
Amtrak SPR Station
Springfield Parking
Windsor Locks, Ct.Free parking located just off Exit 41 (for northbound drivers) and Exit 42 (for southbound drivers) on I-91Amtrak WNL Station
Hartford, Ct.Pay parking lot located adjacent to the Hartford Station
$2 per 30 minutes/$15 daily max
Amtrak Hartford Station