Farm Winery License

Farm Winery License to sell at Farmers Markets and Agricultural Events

The Northampton License Commission may issue to an applicant authorized to operate a farmer-winery under MGL Ch. 138 §19B, a special license (§15F) for the sale of wine produced by or for the licensee in sealed containers for off-premise consumption at an indoor or outdoor agricultural event.


  1. Written approval from a Farmers Market/Agricultural Event at which you have been accepted as a vendor
  2. Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources (MDAR) approval of an Agricultural Event Certification for Wine Sales
  3. Applicants must demonstrate that the products sold under this license are primarily made locally


  • The approved Farm Winery License is valid at one event only
  • An event with multiple dates/times is considered one event (example: The Saturday Northampton farmers market). Separate applications must be submitted annually for each event.
  • Farm Winery License Application (PDF)
  • $50 application fee

General Laws:

Farm Winery Licenses are governed by:

If you have any questions, please contact the License Commission office at 413-587-1212 or by email.