Downtown-Picture Main St

No Turn on Red Sign- Main Street
Main Street Bench painted with artwork
Lower Main Street Sidewalk Cafe

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Picture Main Street has three core goals:

  1. Provide Safety and Access for All
  2. Promote a Vibrant and Attractive Downtown
  3. Create a Functional, Enduring, and Sustainable Streetscape

Picture Main Street is evolving in response to meaningful public engagement. Multiple public forums (in 2020 and 2021), community focus groups, community surveys, observations of people using the shared streets (2020 and 2021), engagement with city and community boards (Transportation, Planning, Tree, Bike/Ped, Disabilities, City Council, Downtown Northampton Association and the Greater Northampton Chamber of Commerce, and other stakeholder engagement including a project advisory group). Our 25% plans, which will show most of the horizontal big picture details, will be ready in later winter 2022 after we and MassDOT correct errors and omissions. MassDOT will then schedule the formal 25% design public hearing, probably for very late spring or early summer 2022).

Picture Main Street project documents (Road Safety Audit, survey, etc)

Rainbow Crosswalk on Main Street
Memorial Hall with U.S. flag
PVTA bus on Main Street
Buskers on Main Street
Main Street Angled Parking
Seth Thomas Street Clock at Pulaski Park