Main Street design

NOTICE: Survey work will be going on through the Fall, 2019, for this project.

Planning & Sustainability is working with the Mayor and Public Works to improve the design of Main Street, downtown Northampton

1. Safer-- Main Street has one of the highest crash rates in the state

2. Better for our businesses-- the streetscape and placemaking is critical for a vibrant downtown

3. Greener-- more street trees and better drainage

4. Pedestrian and Bicycle friendly-- our crash rates demonstrate we can do more

5. Accessible- many of our curb cuts and crosswalks do not work for those with mobility challenges

6. Transit friendly-- we can do more to connect transit systems and riders

7. Efficient-- for cars, trucks and buses moving through and to downtown

8. Inclusive-- serving the needs of all

We began the process with public and focus groups meetings in 2015-2016. Out of this we created a concept drawing (below). In 2019, we started moving to design. The final design will almost certainly have some elements of the concept design, and some elements very different.

Once our consultants (Fall 2019 to Summer 2020) collect the necessary background data, we will reach out to the community with a wide range of activities to identify what approach works for everyone.

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Main Street concept