Climate Resilience & Regeneration

Northampton has a five phase aggressive climate adaptation framework:

1.  A comprehensive climate framework, Northampton’s Climate Resilience & Regeneration Plan (adopted and endorsed February 2021).

2. Planning for a regional joint powers entity for regional solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, with the first task forming a Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) to become the default electric power supplier: Amherst-Pelham-Northampton CCA Task Force report. We have explored what CCAs can become to optimize for aggressive greenhouse gas emission reductions: Community Choice Aggregation 3.0 report and CCA 3.0 webinar.

3. A sustainability focused master plan, Sustainable Northampton Comprehensive Plan, which we expect to update in 2021 using our resilience and regeneration framework.

4. Our Municipal Vulnerability Program resilience action plan coordinated with our Hazard Mitigation Plan. 

5. Maintain and improve the City's flood control and stormwater systems for both gray infrastructure (e.g., closed drainage systems and pipes, flood control levees, flood control pumps) and green infrastructure/nature based solutions (e.g., Northampton Designs with Nature, ecosystem services).

Past reports:
AIA Sustainable Design Assessment Team: SDAT 9.30.2015 presentation (PDF) and Northampton Climate Adaptation and Mitigation report (PDF)