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Respiratory Illness Update 3/29/2023
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Information on current trends in respiratory illnesses:

COVID:  Based on CDC data, Hampshire County remains at a "moderate" level of community transmission of COVID-19 and a "low" risk level in terms of COVID's current burden on the healthcare system. Official case numbers continue to undercount the level of COVID in our community, since they rely on commercial tests, and most people are now using home tests. The level of COVID-19 in our wastewater is another source of information on COVID in our community, that doesn't depend on testing. The latest Northampton effective virus concentration is 1,011,523 copies/L, which correlates to a pre-home-test CDC community transmission level of "high." For more information on the connection between wastewater levels and CDC community transmission levels, see this document

Northampton and Hampshire County wastewater has had a sustained increase in the levels of COVID over the last 2-3 weeks. With levels rising, it's important to keep taking precautions against COVID-19, especially if you or someone in your household is at higher risk for severe disease. The best ways to avoid becoming ill and to protect our community are still the same: getting all recommended vaccines, wearing a surgical or KN95 mask in indoor public spaces or in crowds, regularly washing hands, improving ventilation in indoor spaces (such as opening windows, and/or using HEPA or MERV13  filters), and following isolation and masking guidance if you do test positive.

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More information on wastewater sampling can be found HERE and HERE.

More information on specific prevention measures can be found HERE.

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