Flu and COVID Vaccine Clinics

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We are now offering both flu and COVID vaccine clinics. For flu, we can vaccinate people ages 2 and over. We have high dose vaccine for those over 65! This year's COVID vaccines target the newer COVID variants, and are available for anyone aged 6 months+. At this time we have Pfizer vaccines for ages 6 months - 4 years and 12+, and Moderna vaccines for ages 6 months - 11 years.

You will need to register for COVID and flu clinics separately, as we are not currently offering combined clinics.

We will continue to provide all vaccines free of charge, but those with insurance will need to provide insurance details to register. If you have Medicare, you will need to enter "Medicare Part B of Massachusetts" when asked for the name of your insurance plan. 

If you need assistance with registration, call 413-587-1314.

We will also offer home vaccination visits for individuals who are fully homebound.

Upcoming Vaccine Clinics


Smith Vocational School (80 Locust St, Northampton)

Sunday, October 29, 9am-1pm

  • FLU - Northampton Senior Center (67 Conz St, Northampton) -  Wednesday, October 4, 8am-12pm
  • FLU - Plainfield Public Safety (38 N. Central St, Plainfield) - Wednesday, October 11, 10am-12pm
  • FLU - Hatfield Senior Center (59 Main St, Hatfield) - Tuesday, October 17, 10am-12pm
  • FLU - Hadley Council on Aging (46 Middle St, Hadley) - Thursday, October 19, 9am-12pm
  • FLU - R.H. Conwell Elementary School (147 Huntington Rd, Worthington) - Thursday, October 19, 4:30-6:30pm
  • FLU - Easthampton Fire Department (32 Payson Ave, Easthampton) - DRIVE THRU CLINIC - Saturday, October 21, 8am-12pm
  • FLU - Easthampton Senior Center (19 Union St, Easthampton) - Wednesday, October 25, 1-3pm
  • COVID - Florence Elks Lodge (17 Spring St) - Wednesday, October 31, 10am-11am (ages 6 mo-11 yr), 11am-3pm (ages 12+)
  • COVID - NOT YET AVAILABLE FOR REGISTRATION - Plainfield Public Safety (38 N. Central St, Plainfield) - Wednesday, November 8, 10am-12pm
  • COVID - NOT YET AVAILABLE FOR REGISTRATION - Hatfield Senior Center (59 Main St, Hatfield) - Tuesday, November 14, 10am-12pm
  • FLU - NOT YET AVAILABLE FOR REGISTRATION - Northampton Council Chambers (212 Main St) - Wednesday, November 15, 3-6pm
  • COVID - NOT YET AVAILABLE FOR REGISTRATION - Northampton Senior Center (67 Conz St, Northampton) - Friday, November 17, 9am-1pm
  • and more to come!

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What do you need to know or bring to a vaccine clinic? 

  • Vaccine is free! 

    • You should never be asked for cash or payment at or after a clinic for a COVID vaccine, however, you will be asked for your health insurance card. 

  • Bring your Health insurance card (if you have health insurance) 

    • If you make an appointment, enter your own health insurance information from your insurance card 

    • If you plan to walk-in, bring your health insurance card with you for registration

    • If you don't have health insurance, no card needed! Vaccine is free.

  • No ID is necessary, though if you have an ID please bring it as it makes walk-in registration faster!

  • Bring your CDC vaccination card or vaccine record if at all possible.

How can I get my vaccine record?

  • Fastest option: If you got any doses in Massachusetts you can find a digital record at www.myvaxrecords.mass.gov
  • Call your primary care office; almost all primary care offices are connected to the Massachusetts Immunization Information System (MIIS) and can direct you to either your record online or give you a printed copy. 
  • Call the organization/clinic/business where you received your doses. 
    • If you received your vaccine at a clinic run by the Northampton Department of Health and Human Services call 413-587-1216 and leave a message for a Public Health Nurse with your name, date of birth, and address.

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Trust the Facts. Get the Vax

Please show your support in the community by sharing that you got your first shot, encouraging your patients, clients, friends, family, and neighbors to sign up for their vaccination when eligible.

Vaccine Photos

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Getting Vaccinated: Portraits from the Northampton Vaccine Clinic, by Historic Northampton: https://www.historicnorthampton.org/vaccination-photos.html

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