Artist of the Month

Artist of the Month: Yellowdog

I work in several different mediums. I use concrete to make wall sculptures. I also work with sandblasted glass and make sculptures with reclaimed iron.    

I have been involved in art my whole life. I started drawing cartoons for my family and friends in elementary school and moved on to photography in high school. I went to Kenyon College where I studied art and philosophy. I took wonderfully inspiring art classes in color theory, photography and collage. Ultimately I decided that art should be my avocation and that I would go to law school. While I was in law school I took film and pottery classes, which was just what I needed after filling my brain with contract and property law. 

When I finished law school I looked for a community that would support my legal career and my love of art. Northampton was just the place. I practiced law during the day and spent my nights, weekends and vacations taking classes at U-Mass, Horizons/Snow Farm, the Guild Studio school, and the Berkshire Arts Center. I dabbled in hand-colored photographs, polaroid transfer, paper marbling, paper making and a variety of other mediums before I discovered and fell in love with sandblasted glass about 20 years ago. 

Ten years ago I became fascinated with concrete and began experimenting with it. During this same time, my husband and I began making kinetic sculptures from reclaimed metal circles. 

I was very lucky to be able to retire from the law a couple of years ago and now spend all my time making art. Law is now my avocation. 

I use concrete, stone, sandblasted glass and vintage marbles to create small wall sculptures. As a young child, I was given my grandfather’s childhood marbles which began a lifelong fascination. I especially love the faded colors and patterns of wear on old clay marbles and the beautiful collage effect that is created when they are beside each other.  

I have collected stones most of my life.  I love the way the ocean softens their edges and leaves them glowing at the shoreline.  I wander the beaches of the cape and islands looking for perfect stones to incorporate into my work.  I am intrigued by the varied colors and textures of schist stone that is quarried in western Mass and love to recycle leftover bits into my sculptures. 

I love the fact that concrete is not a rarified material - cement mix can be purchased in any hardware store. But despite its humble beginnings,  it has almost magical properties. When mixed with water, cement  undergoes a chemical change that allows it to harden into an impervious material that can take on any shape. I am always astounded by its transformation as I remove a new piece from the mold.   

I encourage everyone to explore their creativity. A wonderful way to do it is by taking art classes. We are so lucky to live in an area with so many artists and opportunities to take classes in all mediums. Don't be afraid to try something that you think you can't do.  And remember, the next time you're in a hardware store, take a moment to look around at all of the interesting things that can be used to make art.

My work is for sale at  the Field Gallery on Martha's Vineyard ( and the Left Bank Gallery in Wellfleet (   

You can see my glass, concrete and metal pieces on Instagram at Yellowdog.noho. Please feel free to DM me if you're interested in any of my work. 


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