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Massachusetts Public Employee Retirement Guides

These two guides are for members who have remained members of a the Massachusetts public retirement system prior to April 2, 2012. Currently these guides are only available in electronic format.

Retirement Guide for New Members

This new retirement guide (PDF) is for members who first became members of a Massachusetts public retirement system on or after April 2, 2012 (those that withdrew from the system prior to April 2, 2012 come into the system under these rules).

Retirement Age / Service Tables

This age and service spreadsheet (PDF) contains age factor tables for Group 1 (most employees are in this group), Group 2 (electricians and certain hazardous occupations designated by law) and Group 4 (public safety employees such as police officers and firefighters). The new age factor tables for members April 2, 2012 and after are also included in this document. All percentages are for an Option 'A' retirement allowance.

NOTE: This spreadsheet is interactive and requires Microsoft Excel or other supported software such as Open Office Calc to function properly.

Member Forms

  • Refund Form (PDF) - For members that have terminated their employment and wish to withdraw their funds. Please read withdrawal FAQs before applying.
    If your membership began prior to April 2, 2012 and you withdraw your funds, you will lose all rights to the previous benefit structure upon return. If you return to Massachusetts public sector work after refunding you will enter as a new member under the new rules.
  • Change Designated (PDF) Beneficiary (PDF) - Use this form to update your beneficiary information

Retirement Forms

The following forms will need submitted when you retire: