Author of the Month

Image of Graceland

Join us for a special reading with

                             Nancy Crochiere!

Thursday, February 22 - 11:00 am

We are delighted to feature Author Nancy Crochiere. In her novel ‘Graceland’, Hope Robinson can’t seem to please anyone lately, especially not her mother, the flamboyant soap star Olivia Grant. Olivia loves Elvis more than Jesus and, convinced she’s dying, insists on a final visit to Graceland. Unfortunately, that’s the one place Hope can’t take her. Hope fled Memphis years ago with a shameful secret and a vow never to return. Olivia, though, doesn’t understand the word no. Instead, she wrangles Hope’s pink-haired daughter, Dylan, to drive her to Memphis by promising to reveal the mystery of her long-lost father. Hope must stop them before they expose the truth and all hell breaks loose.

As the women race fromImage of NANCY_CROCHIERE Boston to Memphis, encountering jealous soap actors, free-range ferrets, and a trio of Elvis-impersonating frat boys, everyone’s secrets begin to unravel. In order to become the family they long to be, Hope, Olivia, and Dylan must face hard truths about themselves and one another on the bumpy road to acceptance, forgiveness, and ultimately, grace. Copies of ‘Graceland’ will be available for purchase at the event

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