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This estimate of benefits is in not a guarantee of actual benefits that may be due. If you have had any gaps in service, or if you have had a significant reduction to your weekly hours, it may not be reflected here. If any of your wages were not correctly reported in regards to your retirement membership, the estimate provided here will not account for that.

Salaries are approximated and are generally reported a bit low due to available data parameters. Your actual average salary is likely to be slightly higher than reported here, though occasionally a misreporting of wages may result in an inflated figure. Upon retirement, your creditable service and wages will be verified manually.


Salary and creditable service can be manually overridden by the user. For example, if you know you will be completing a purchase of creditable service, you can add those years and months to the current reported creditable service to see how that benefits you. Or if your estimate is for many years from now, you may wish to enter your current salary (excluding overtime).

The main wage types that count towards retirement salary are regular hours (including vacation, sick, personal and shift differential) and longevity. Educational incentive payments and payments for holding a license or certification may also count.