Things to consider before you withdraw your retirement funds:

If you have over ten years of creditable service, you are considered vested and may now or in the future be eligible for a monthly retirement allowance. If this is the case you are strongly advised to review any potential benefit you may be entitled to by requesting a retirement estimate from our office. By withdrawing your funds, you forfeit any right to a retirement allowance.

If you think it is a possibility that you will become re-employed by a Massachusetts municipality, you may wish to consider leaving your funds in our system, so that upon re-employment, you will maintain the current level of creditable service and annuity balance that you have earned.


If your membership began prior to April 2, 2012 and you withdraw your funds, you will lose all rights to the pre-April 2, 2012 benefit structure upon return. In other words, if you ever return to public sector work you will enter as a new member under the new rules. Below is a summary of these changes.


Notice to members (hired before April 2, 2012) seeking to withdraw from the system:
Chapter 176 of the Acts of 2011 changed the benefit structure for members hired on or after April 2, 2012. Members who withdraw from the system and reenter after this date will join the retirement system under these new laws. Because you have requested an application to withdraw your funds, you should review the following differences to your current retirement plan, in the event you wish to reenter the system at a later date:

  • Increased minimum retirement age
  • New age factors for calculating retirement allowances
  • Unavailability of the G.L. c. 32, § 10 termination allowance
  • Applicability of G.L. c. 32, § 105 to elected officials
  • Five-year average annual rate of regular compensation for calculating allowances rather than a three year average
  • Proration of benefits earned for service in different group classifications
  • New contribution rates