What's Been Done

Northampton's Clean Energy Efforts

Northampton is a Cities for Climate Protection city and received a Massachusetts' Green Communities Designation in 2010. In that same year, the Commonwealth awarded Northampton its Leading by Example Award for clean energy and environmental quality achievements. In 2011, the city's Energy and Sustainability Officer was awarded the Individual Achievement Leading by Example Award for outstanding environmental and energy leadership.

Investments in Energy Efficiency

  • Ongoing extensive energy efficiency improvements in city buildings, which have reduced municipal energy use in buildings by over 25%
  • Utility-City partnership to improve commercial buildings through energy efficiency savings
  • In 2010, city council adopted a Municipal Energy Reduction Plan (PDF) to reduce energy use by 20% by 2014
  • City Council adopted stronger energy efficiency requirements than the state requires in Northampton’s building code
  • City Council adopted a high-efficiency vehicle purchasing policy (PDF)
  • High efficiency LED streetlights at the Armory Street parking lot
  • High-efficiency LED traffic lights
  • New Police Station built to high-efficiency LEED standards
  • Senior Center built to high-efficiency standards (Silver LEED rating)
  • Northampton is home to a growing number of high-efficiency LEED certified Northampton buildings.
  • Three high-efficiency hybrid vehicles in use, two at the Department of Public Works and one at the Fire Department
  • More efficient downsized vehicles used for meter-reading
  • Coursework on high efficiency building techniques at Smith Vocational and Agricultural High School
  • Investments in and supporting policies for efficient transportation infrastructure for the City Walk Friendly and Bicycle Friendly designations