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Beginning September 8th the City of Northampton Assessor’s Office will be performing a state mandated re-inspection for the purposes of updating measurements, listing of physical construction, structural improvements and collection of data pertinent to residential, commercial, industrial and exempt properties throughout the city. Inspectors are employees of Tyler Technologies who have performed valuation services in Northampton for over two decades. All inspections are to be exterior only due to Covid 19. Inspectors will ask questions at the door for information about the interior condition of each property. All inspectors are to be wearing masks and following Covid 19 protocols. For any questions or concerns contact the City of Northampton Assessor’s Office.


The Office of the Assessor, records, and analyzes information about residential, commercial, and industrial properties to classify and make fair and equitable assessments of property values in the City of Northampton. The office also handles abatements and appeals to the Appellate Tax Board and works with the Finance Director and the Massachusetts Department of Revenue to set the city's tax rate.

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