Rules, Regulations & Policies

  • License Commission Rules and Regulations
  • License Commission Policies
  • License Commission 2 a.m. Closing Rules - These rules govern 2 a.m. closing given to bars and restaurants that have been approved by the License Commission. Although the rules state Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday; the rules were amended by the commission with the support of the Police Department to include seven days a week.
  • List of establishments approved for 2 a.m. closing by Northampton License Commission.
  • The Northampton License Commission, when issuing a new, current, or renewal of License will require certification of compliance with wage and hour laws. Each licensee must certify that they are not subject to a federal or state criminal or civil judgment, administrative citation or final administrative determination resulting from a violation of M.G.L. c149, c150, or the Fair Labor Standard Act. Any licensee who does not certify to the above may be required by the Northampton License Commission to provide a wage bond or insurance prior to issuance of said license. A copy of the Fair Wage Compliance Certificate can be found here.