Winter Storm Information

Winter Parking Flyer

The Winter Parking Brochure (pdf) provides information about winter parking, sidewalk shoveling and signing up for the City's emergency alert system.

Snow Information Flyer

Help spread the word by printing the Snow Alert Poster (pdf) and displaying it in your business.

Snow Removal

When plowing or snow-blowing your driveway, please do not put the snow into or across the road. It’s against the City ordinance to do so because it will most likely freeze and cause ice ruts, making driving dangerous for everyone, including the plow drivers.

General Safety Tips

Change all batteries in your smoke, heat and carbon monoxide detectors each year to protect your family's health and safety.

Keep all mechanical exhaust vents clear of snow including fossil fuel burning appliances. Exhaust vents must be kept cleaned for the equipment to operate safely.

Frozen Water Pipes

Northampton water service customers should be aware that the cold winter weather can cause water service lines to freeze and burst causing damage to property. When temperatures are below freezing, water pipes and meters that are exposed to cold air may freeze. Preventing pipes and meters from freezing is the best way to avoid property damage and unnecessary and expensive repairs.

If you suspect damage to water pipes or the water meter, call the Water Division on business days from 8:00am to 4:30pm at 413-587-1570.  Water emergencies after hours should be reported to Dispatch immediately at 413-587-1100.