Election Work Positions

Working as an election officer provides an extremely important public service to the community. Applicants must be registered voters who reside in Northampton. Positions pay vary, depending on the job assignment. Working hours vary.

For more information please contact the City Clerk’s Office at 413-587-1223.


  • Warden: Supervises the other precinct officers before the polls open, during the election, and while ballots are processed. The warden is responsible for maintaining order and ensures that required materials are available and posted in proper places. The wardens also assigns other election officers to their stations and designates their schedule for breaks, meals and for voting. This also includes being responsible for completion of forms, handling of challenged ballots, and ensuring that voters omitted from lists are properly helped.
  • Clerk: The Clerk keeps a running report of all activities at the polling location.  A Clerk’s Log is provided for this purpose.   At the end of the evening, the Clerk is responsible to tabulate the final tally of votes that is returned to the City Clerk’s Office.  The final tally is composed of all votes counted using the ballot scanner plus all votes counted by hand.  Logs and tally sheets are provided for this purpose.
  • Inspector: This position is assigned to the check-in area at the entrance to the voting area or may be stationed at a voting machine. Most duties include checking off and announcing the names of voters as they check in to vote, relaying any issues or questions to the Warden.
  • Deputy Wardens and Deputy Clerks - Act to cover the position of Warden or Clerk when the office is vacant for any period of time.

The Warden reports directly to the City Clerk; all positions report directly to the Warden.


Election Worker Application (PDF)

Send to: cclerk@northamptonma.gov