Parks & Rec Basketball

2021 Youth Hoop Skills & Drills Program

  • SPACE IS LIMITED due to COVID regulations.
  • This is our third round of skills this season. Players will be assigned to one group of 9 players, their cohort. Each team will have a volunteer coach and will have a 1 hour practice/skills session each Saturday for 4 weeks. 
  • Focus will be on skill development and fun. Teams will be allowed to hold modified scrimmages within their 9 person team. Teams will not be allowed to scrimmage each other.
  • Masks must be worn by players, coaches and staff at all times. 
  • Each player will need to bring their own basketball and water bottle each week. If you do not have access to a basketball let us know and we may be able to provide one to borrow. (basketball size needed is below under program information)
  • We will have two teams of 9 practice at once, each on opposite courts with the curtain drawn to separate the courts.
  • The program may need to adjust depending on State and local COVID regulations.

For: Children from 3rd through the 8th grades
Dates: 3/6 - 3/27 (make up on 4/3 if needed)
Approximate Times: These may change depending on coaching and registrations
- 3rd & 4th grades: Mornings
- 5th & 6th grades: Late mornings, afternoon
- 7th & 8th grades: Early evening
Location: Smith Vocational High School Gym
Cost: $45/player
 - Each player must bring their own basketball. See below for sizes needed for each division.


  • Click here to register
  • For paper forms, You may drop this off in our mailbox next to the door at our office. We are on the grounds of JFK Middle School, 100A  Bridge Rd., Florence. Drive in the mail driveway, drive to the right of the school, and we are the grey modular building on the right. 
    • Please note that online registration is the fastest way to register and secure a spot in the program.
  • Residents have priority registration through February 28
  • Participants that attend Northampton schools through school choice can register starting on March 1
  • Non-residents are not allowed at this time

Coaches needed

Coaches are needed for this program. Each week is planned out and there will be staff at the gym to help if needed. Please email if you have any questions about coaching.

Program Information

Basketball Sizes

  • 3rd & 4th grade use 27.5" basketballs
  • Girls 5th to 8th & Boys 5th-6th grade use use 28.5" basketballs
  • Boys 7-8th use full size basketballs

On Site Regulations

  • Parents are encouraged to drop their children off for this program. There are no spectators allowed. 
  • Face masks will be be required at all times.
  • Players must enter through the main lobby for the gym at Smith Voc. Everyone will exit through the a different designated door.


We have divisions for children from 3rd through the 8th grade. 

  • Girls 3&4
  • Boys 3&4
  • Girls 5&6
  • Boys 5&6
  • Girls 7&8
  • Boys 7&8
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