1981 - 1999 Awards


  • The Beeches
  • Curran Associates Building
  • Randolph Place Row Houses
  • 262 Bridge Street
  • 41 Locust Street: creative reuse


  • John Gare Jewellers, Main Street: interior
  • Honor Court, 22 Main Street
  • Hotel Northampton: preservation of the Coach Light Room
  • Naegele Bakery
  • Graves Avenue, 2-22, 29, 32: renovation


  • 169 Prospect Avenue
  • 11 Edwards Square
  • 203 State Street
  • Alumnae Gym, Smith College
  • 119 Prospect Street Whalen Residence
  • 152 South Street, gray Victorian
  • Tepper Bldg. Scheinman and Blumenthal


  • Grove Hall. Alan Verson, 56 Main Street
  • Serios, 151 Main Street, Cosimo and Claire Serio and Edward and Josephine Cavallari
  • Old Plaza Theatre at 79 Pleasant Street, Joseph Hebert
  • Carlson Building a 68Main Street, Elaine Ullman and David Pesuit
  • 549 North Farms Road, Leonard Jekanowski, cape house
  • Gordon Thorne, adaptive reuse of 90 Franklin Street
  • David Ringley, adaptive reuse of Barn at 381 North Farms Road
  • Cecil Clark for creative use of space at the Maplewood Shops


  • John Herlihey, 1 Round Tree Plaza, compatible design of a new building
  • David B. Musante, Jr, Mayor of Northampton for restoration of the crenelations at City Hall.
  • John O’Reilly, Century Investment Company for creative re-use of the Old School Commons
  • Smith College Admissions Office, Ms. Lorna Blake, Director, for creative use of Garrison Hall on West Street.
  • 32 Masonic Street (Former Foote Button Factory) [Perry Smith]
  • Mr. and Mrs. Gus Grady, 98 Nonotuck Street, Florence, for restoration of the cape house at 98 Nonotuck Street
  • Mr. and Mrs Dana Carpenter, 51 Harrison Ave. for restoration in color to Victorian style
  • Rev. R. Leroy Moser, 275 Elm Street, for narration of the Walking Tour Tapes
  • Eric J. Snoek, 37 Butler Place, for editing the walking Tour Tapes


  • The Gasworks, 244 Main Street (former Gas Co, Round House) for restoration
  • Murphy Real Estate Office, Florence, for creative reuse
  • 25 James Avenue, Jim Hammerschmith and Wendy Kane for renovation of residence.
  • Town Clock: First Church Tower, Main Street, Renovation, City of Northampton
  • 1987
  • The Depot Restaurant, creative reuse.
  • Market Square, 12-31 Newmarket Street creative reuse
  • 261-263 Main Street, renovation
  • Tilly Hall, Smith College, Henshaw Ave., creative reuse
  • 134 North Street, residence, renovation, Nassar and Petagorsky
  • 294 Elm Street, residence, renovation, Jeffways
  • 71 King Street, Goggins and Whalen offices, offices
  • Alice Manning, Author


  • 2 Pomeroy Terrace, restoration and creative re-use. Paul Britt
  • Coolidge Park Condominiums, Union Street for creative re-use. Theodore Diamauro et al., owners
  • Brewster Court Bar and Grill, 11 Brewster Court, for creative re-use. Mark Metzger et al, owners
  • Residence, 107 Franklin Street, for compatible new construction. Thomas and Linda Aird, owners. Building done and planned by Robert J. Novotny, Jr.
  • James House, 42 Gothic Street, restoration, Heritage NIS
  • Martha deB. Beaver. For published work on local architectural history
  • Francis La Montage, 130 South Street, Florence for sharing knowledge in local history.
  • Martha Ferrante, 48 Meadow Street Florence, first home owner to research her home’s date.
  • Pinch Pottery, 179 Main Street, designed by owners and Bob Walker, restored by Construct, Inc.
  • Brookside Square Condominiums, Hawley Street for creative re-use


  • 198 State Street, Renovation, Mrs. Norman Graves
  • Clark Street Condominiums, creative re-use, Mr. Jodrien
  • 43 Beacon Street
  • 19 Trumball Road – restoration
  • Country Store Building, Florence
  • Old Stairway to Depot
  • 127 Franklin Street - Renovation – Mr. Robert Goodman
  • Cutlery in Bay State