How do I report an LED outage or request a house shield?
The Streetlight Modification Form can be found on You will be able to either submit your request online, or download the form and mail it to the Northampton's Energy and Sustainability Officer. For more information, contact Chris Mason at 413-587-1055 or
The city will evaluate all requests for shields to determine if the streetlight’s position in relation to the house will result in more than 0.009 foot-candles of illumination from the streetlight reaching the house. If the city determines that this may be possible, it will have a shield installed on that lamp so as to block the lamp’s illumination from the house. Depending on which shield will block light from reaching the house, the city will choose to install a house-side shield, a street-side shield or a cul-de-sac shield.

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1. What is the entire scope of the conversion program?
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10. How do I report an LED outage or request a house shield?
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