Planning & Sustainability

Mission: Identify and implement community vision for a sustainable and resilient future with a healthy and equitable economy and environment 

  • Planning: resilience | sustainability | visioning | comprehensive | strategic
  • Climate: resilience/adaptation | regeneration/mitigation
  • Environment: design with nature | open space | agriculture 
  • Mobility: car-less options | bicycles and pedestrians | transit
  • Equity: housing | community development | economic prosperity | accessibility
  • Placemaking: design | built environment | history | community preservation
  • Tools and techniques to implement this mission

Pending Regulatory Changes:

Proposed Zoning Amendments:  Form Based Code Drafts

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"This small city offers more restaurants and shops, certainly more galleries, theaters and performance venues than most urban centers dozens of times its size. Add two rivers, mountain views, landscaped parks and meadow walks, and you begin to see why people call it paradise." -The Boston Globe

"Northampton combines the cultural breadth of a major metropolis ... with the low-key sensibility of a small borough." -National Geographic Adventure

"liberal enclave with rural roots" Top Retirement Hot Spot -AARP Magazine and CNBC