Picture Main Street Storymap

This Storymap expands communication, knowledge sharing, and feedback opportunities for the Picture Main Street project. On this website, you’ll find information about the project history and background, learn about potential project elements and how they work, share feedback on the project, and stay up to date on project progress.

Downtown Parking Policy Study Refresh (2022)

In Spring 2022, the City of Northampton asked Stantec’s Urban Mobility Group to review the parking price structure of the downtown parking supply, share best practices, and make recommendations for a better parking management and pricing system. This study precedes an effort to redesign Main Street and identify new curbside uses, which may remove several on-street parking spaces.

Downtown Rapid Recovery (2021)

The Downtown Rapid Recovery Project, “Helping Downtown Recover from COVID-19”, shared output from the Commonwealth's Rapid Recovery Plan Program. The project was designed to support our business community through actionable, project-based recovery recommendations unique to the individual economic challenges and COVID-related impacts in our downtown. These plans, facilitated by the Commonwealth and standardized across communities, were developed in coordination with the City of Northampton.