Health & Human Services


Puchalski Municipal Building
212 Main Street
Northampton, MA 01060



Emergency Safety Dispatch: 413-587-1100

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
General / MAIN, Help      
O'Leary, RS, Merridith Commissioner 413-587-1214  
Farry, Michele Deputy Commissioner 413-587-4930  
Constantine, Kelly Department Assistant 413-587-1215  
Iacoponi, Cara Grant Administration/Administrative Assistant 413-587-1436  
Hutchins, Amy Director of Environmental Health 413-587-1339  
Rhodes, Kristen Director Community of Care (DCC) 413-587-1309  
Burch, Nataya DCC Coordinator 413-587-1229  
Aloisi, Melissa Public Health Technology Manager 413-587-1219  
Bowman, Donna Health Inspector 413-587-1330  
Sanchez, Angelica Regional Health Inspector 413-587-4910  
Hasgrave-Amodio, Kristen Health Inspector 413-587-1217  
Prusak, Jacklin Health Inspector    
Ezcurra, Elliot Public Health Nurse 413-587-4919  
Hughes, Kelly Public Health Nurse 413-587-1216  
Brown, Jennifer Regional PHN 413-587-4909  
McAndrew, Taylor Hampshire HOPE Coordinator 413-587-1322  
Cotugno, Kathi Drug Addiction Recovery Team (DART) Coordinator 413-587-1001  
Shapiro, Kate DART Program Coordinator 413-587-1329  
McLaughlin, Kara Northampton Prevention Coalition Coordinator 413-587-1387